Rights Managed

All Images requested and purchased through Lone Pine Photo are offered on an individual license basis - sometimes referred to as Rights Managed Licensing. The copyright of the Image is always retained by the photographer and Lone Pine Photo. The licenses serve to protect the rights of all the photographers, Lone Pine Photo, the licensee and even the subject matter of the Images. Rights management has advantages for the licensee as it can be used to limit the use of a particular Image, even allowing the use to be licensed exclusively, which effectively embargoes the use of the same Image within the requested media.

The type of rights managed is one factor that impacts image pricing. Rights managed is a complex process. Fees are determined based on the kind of use, size of use, number of copies to be printed and the term of use, usually 6 months to one year (negotiable).

"Rights management" can be an advantage for projects, such as ad campaigns, brochures, magazines and promotions. When you use rights management, you are assured of the limited use of the image. You can even request exclusive rights to that image to eliminate its simultaneous use by other agencies and competitors.

If you would like to request exclusive rights to an image please contact Lone Pine Photo at lonepinephoto@shaw.ca .