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Lone Pine Photo (LPP) supplies a price calculator on our website to assist clients to calculate the rights managed license fees for using images in books, brochures, calendars and magazines. If you wish to use a Lone Pine Photo image for some other purpose, you may request a quote for the license fee for your project.

Select the image that you wish to use from our galleries. Click on the image to display the image information. Click on the Downloads Tab and select Download JPEG Comp and save the image for your reference. Send LPP an e-mail at to request a quote. Your e-mail should include the following information with the comp image attached.

Contact Information:

Company Name:

Project Name:

Contact Person:

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Email Address:

Contact Phone Number:

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Image/Usage Information:

Image name or type of photo you are looking for:

Details on how the image will be used:

Type of use (Advertising, Editorial, etc):

Duration (how long will the image be used):

Circulation or print run:

Size (Quarter page, Full page, etc.):

Distribution (Local, Regional, National or International):

Exclusive Rights Required: Yes or No, and for what distribution area

Notes: Please describe any other details regarding how the image will be used, and explain any factors that may affect your choices above. You can also include information such as: your deadline, secondary uses, multiple specified uses, etc.

All quotes will be subject to the Terms and Conditions as outlined on our web site at .

LPP will review your quote request and may contact you for additional information. Once the terms are clear, LPP will provide you with a quote for the licensing fee for your particular situation.

You may also fax or mail your quote request if you wish.

Our contact information is as follows:

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