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BIR EAG BAL  ON  BMM1000402DBALD EAGLE CLOSE-UPMASSEY                                07/..             © BEV MCMULLEN                  ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBALD_EAGLE;BIRDS;CENTRAL;EAGLES;MASSEY;ON_;ONTARIO;SUMMER  LONE PINE PHOTO                  (306) 683-0889

Lone Pine Photo has added 942 new images to the Birds gallery. The images are by a variety of photographers including John Bykerk, Robert Green, Garfield MacGillivray, Terry Parker, Cliff Sandeson, Wayne Shiels and others.  The images may be viewed by browsing the BIRDS gallery. You may search for individual birds by name,   by province, for example:  BIRDS MB_, by region, for example:  BIRDS PRAIRIES by season, for example: BIRDS SUMMER or search for birds by location, for example: BIRDS SASKATOON.  Add  VTL to your search line for vertical images only.  You may also search for birds by a particular photographer, for example: BIRDS SHIELS. 

The best bird photos are in our Calendars and Covers galleries under CCM - BIRDS.  These are organized by season.  You may search for these images generally, for example BIRDS CALENDARS, by name, for example: EAGLES CALENDARS, and so on.  Cover photos may be viewed by searching EAGLES CALENDARS VTL. For more information please see our help guides, "Searches" and "Search Tips".

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