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Story posted: October 7, 2012 by Clarence Norris

Lone Pine Photo has added 131 new images to the OCCUPATIONS gallery. The additions are of a computer technician, construction scenes and mainly rodeo scenes from Saskatchewan. The images may be viewed by browsing the OCCUPATIONS gallery. You may search for individual occupations by category only, for example: OCCUPATIONS; by category and province, for example: RODEOS SK; by category and region, for example: RODEOS PRAIRIES; by category and season, for example: RODEOS SUMMER; or by category and location, for example: RODEOS SASKATOON. Add VTL to your search line for vertical images only. You may also search for images by a particular photographer, for example: RODEOS SHIELS. Our keywords are shown in upper case only but keywords are not case-sensative.

These images are not model released and may be used for editorial purposes only.  For more information please see our help guides, "Searches" and "Search Tips".

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